Why should developers opt for the ASP.net Core framework?

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Most of the developers are now extensively using ASP.net and the latest framework Microsoft ASP.NET Core. It was written in C# under Apache License 2.0 and supports the cross-functionality platform. This upgraded .Net framework offers high performance and cloud-based web applications.

In order to deliver reliable websites, it offers extensive and modern functionalities to the web app developers. Along with this, the latest ASP. Net Core framework is based on open-source technology, which helps to build robust enterprise web apps.

Know ASP.net Core Features

  • Eliminate the usage of each package
  • Improve results reducing the runtime storage
  • Configuration and Authentication Upgrade
  • Provides an easy login interface
  • Identity Update
  • Supports anti-forgery tokens
  • Kestrel Improvements
  • Emerge code automatically

These are the major features that are provided by the latest Microsoft framework ASP.net core. Apart from this, there are several more reasons that ASP .Net Core framework offers to the developers, in order to leverage these benefits partner with ASP.NET web development company.

Let’s know the major benefits of the ASP .Net Core framework.

Why should developers opt for the AS.Net Core?

Improve Performance

The compiler feature integrated into ASP.NET Core helps to optimize the code, during the re-compiled process. Along with this, it offers multiple times the higher performance as compared to the other framework implementations. Developers can rely on this technology for a longer period of time.

Open Source

The code of this technology is available for the developers on Github. In order to leverage the benefits of this code, they can get it from there free of cost. Apart from this, open-source leads this technology to the support of the huge community, which helps to resolve the bugs and errors faster. Along with this, technology gets updated with modern technologies on regular updates.

Advanced Programming Features

Several Programming Features includes

  • Package management
  • Garbage collection
  • Language independence
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Multiple language support
  • Allows customization
  • MVC Based architecture
  • Supports third party API’s
  • Automatic memory management

Less Coding

With ASP.Net Core the code structure can be easily optimized and developers only have to write a one-line code statement. It is a code effective process.

Best Supporting Tools

Easy Maintainability


Key functionalities — Form submission, site configuration, and client authentication.

Key Features — Supports time-tested MVC architecture — Model, View, and Controller, offers an opportunity to build custom web applications and easy API integration. It allows developers to code faster, test, debug the app.


The ASP. Net Core technology is attracting a huge number of developers. It is considered as the best technology for startups and large based enterprises. It ensures developers to deliver high-quality apps for the businesses with easy coding structure and without any hassle. This technology helps developers to build advanced web applications, which can meet with the modern requirements.

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