Web Apps Development Is The Easiest With Laravel- The Reasons Explained!

Lena Charles
4 min readJun 28, 2021

For all those web developers who want to make development enjoyable, expressive, and creative, frameworks such as Laravel come out as intelligent tools. This PHP framework is indeed one of the most interesting ones due to its innovative controls. It needs to be comprehended that the Laravel ecosystem stands complex yet interactive, and this is what makes it an idyllic pick for all those web developers who want to build web apps that come out as clear winners in the niche.

What Is Laravel?

It is an open-source PHP framework that stands extremely robust in making web app development easy and effortless for developers. Not only this, it comes with some particular traits, such as modular packaging that comes with a dependency manager that facilitates quick access to utilities, apps, and relational databases.

Why Use Laravel And What Makes It An Impressive Web App Framework?

When asked why to use Laravel, the most convincing answer is that these apps made using this framework are not only easy and fast to develop but fast to load too. Any business owner who is willing to create a web platform that accelerates revenue; is indeed the smartest option.

There are built-in caching tools named cache drivers present in the framework that make the apps load fast. Another impressive feature of the Laravel framework is that it implements authentication controls that are real and simple as everything is organized and controlled logically.

With a simple API, integrating mail services does not take much time. This is what makes any app score big over the competitors as we cannot dream of an app that does not have notification support for sending and receiving emails.

Every single web app on the web-space is vulnerable to an extent as security issues crop up from time to time and need to be dealt with at the correct time so that the risk related to cross-site data requests or cross-scripting is reduced. Keeping these areas in mind, we can comment that the Laravel framework is highly secure as it comes with a code base that is fervently guarded and scrutinized by industry experts.

Coming to another impressive feature that makes no developer have second thoughts on Why Use Laravel is that this PHP framework comes configured with a logging library that makes it easy to handle errors and exceptions using log handlers.

Just like any other smart web app development framework, Laravel has been built with expressive testing in mind. There are tools present using which application requests, user behaviors, and link clicks can be easily simulated by the testing team.

Components present in the Laravel ecosystem include the following, and each one of these performs a particular job:
• Vapor
• Forge
• Envoyer
• Nova
• Horizon
• Homestead
• Echo
• Sail
• Lumen
• Spark
• Valet
• Mix
• Cashier
• Dusk
• Sanctum
• Scout
• Telescope
• JetStream
• Socialite

A Crisp Guide To Choosing The Best Laravel Development Company

Whether it is a complete website or a web app, the prime goal on the minds is to have an end product that comes loaded with cool-looking controls that attract visitors and keep them glued. Keeping this in mind, it can be surely commented that Laravel is indeed the smartest of all PHP frameworks available out there. With controls that are easy to learn and apply, the hunt should be for an expert Laravel Development Company.

Before the search for the Laravel Developer begins, it is vital to understand the requirements of the projects clearly and decide on the budget and deadline constraints. Once all this is known, it is best to compare few development agencies and carry out a quick comparison with the following pointers in mind.

1. Value Experience: Out of all the traits to look in for, experience is the one that stands compulsive. Whether the project is a simple or complex one, it is vital to go with an expert team that has already delivered similar end products in the past.

2. Flexibility: Comprehending the basic fact that the arena of web app development is super fast and ever-evolving, the need is to go in for an agency that knows how to move codes fast, adapt as per client’s current requirements, and can work on the latest technologies and platforms.

3. Quality Deliverables: Always keep one thing in mind; any Laravel Development agency that has earned star reviews in the past might not deliver quality deliverables in the future too. Thus, it gets imperative to discuss every single requirement in detail, and only after the team agrees to work as per the plan created the end pick should be made.

One last thing, go with the agency that stands reliable and committed to meet the deadlines.



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