Top 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring an Android App Developer

Android is the most popular operating system. It has turned into the foremost choice for start-ups to large enterprises and unlocking new opportunities for the business world. This platform is based on open source, delivers an interactive user interface, and supports a lightweight relational database used for data storage purposes.

To leverage all the benefits of the Android applications, it is essential to launch high functional, performance, and secure solutions on the GooglePlay store. Android offers an extensive range of benefits, but at the same time, the development process turns into a daunting task.

If you are also planning to hire an Android app developer for your next project, then make sure that your programmer should be updated with the latest trends and proficient in integrating the functionalities powered by modern technologies.

Apart from this, there are other significant factors that you can’t afford to miss out on, such as experience, creative mindset, and many more. This blog has listed some important factors that you should know before hiring an Android app developer.

Important Things you should know Before hiring an Android App Developer

1. Experience of the Developer

Before hiring a developer, the foremost thing that you have to consider is the developer’s experience. You must be clear on the initial level of how experienced a developer you prefer for your project.

Hence, there are different levels of Android developers

  • Beginner
  • Mid-level developer
  • Expert

According to your project requirement, you can hire a proficient developer. To deliver business-centric solutions in the market, you must hire experienced developers for your project who have in-depth knowledge about the development process and can also sort out the last-minute technical complex challenges.

Android app owners have to decide which level of developers they prefer to hire for their development project by considering their requirements and budget.

2. Technical Skills

This is the crucial aspect that Android app developers have to focus on highly. They must know the technical skills that include different technologies, frameworks, and many more factors.

Presently, Kotlin is the new trend in Android app development. It is known as the modern Android app development platform to launch your solution in the market. Developers should be proficient with two major coding languages, including Java and Kotlin, that help them meet the latest development demands.

Apart from this, Android app developers should be well versed with Android SDK tools and third-party integration services via API that helps boost the productivity and performance of the development process.

3. Communication Skills

The next factor that you should consider in the Android app developers has good communication skills. It allows them to share their ideas and opinions easily with the other developers and team members also. Before hiring a developer, make sure that the Android app developer has strong communication that helps you deliver the best Android solutions in the market.

4. Be Clear About your Requirements

Before hiring a developer, it is essential to understand your requirements also. Android owners should know their actual requirements and their primary motive for the solutions. Undoubtedly, Android app development includes different stages of integration of functionalities, designing, and many more. But it is essential to decide the business objectives. Android owners can launch to mark the brand at the global level or increase their sales by reaching multiple users across the world.

So, before hiring an Android developer, it is important to understand your requirements in-depth and hire your resources accordingly.

5. Check for Portfolio

The other factor that Android developers should check on is the portfolio of the developers. Before hiring a developer, owners should ask for portfolio’s that allow them to understand the project they have experience on and get the idea of their creativity and skill set. It helps to choose the right developer for their project and have an idea of the working style of the programmer.

6. Process of launching solution

Presently, with coding, there are many more factors that developers have to consider for the development process. Only coding is not essential; they have to be proficient with designing strategies and wireframe processes. At the initial stage, only clear all the steps of launching your solution with proper testing to deliver successful Android applications in the market.


Android applications are in high demand and also offer next-generation experiences to users. But to leverage all the benefits of Android development, it is essential to hire the right Android programmer who helps you develop high-performance and secure applications.




Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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Lena Charles

Lena Charles

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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