How to Hire WordPress Developers

Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers


This is the foremost platform which you should consider to hire a WordPress developer. It is the best platform to outsource your project and ensures to sort out all technical issues of the customers. It allows you to pre screen each developer and after the completion of the project also if the customer is not satisfied, it also provides a full refund. Undoubtedly, it is a 100% risk free platform and highly recommended by the top business owners.

  • Plugin development and customization
  • E-commerce development
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Designing
  • Custom apps and integration
  • Security and performance
  • Troubleshoot and maintenance


Upwork is the popular American freelancing platform to hire resources for your technical requirements. It acts as a bridge between the developers and customers.


Freelancer is the next major freelancing online platform similar to Upwork. It is also a very large online job marketplace, where customers can easily hire the WordPress developers for their projects. It also allows customers to interview and communicate with them to know more about their skills and experiences in several technologies. There are a huge number of people who fully relied on

  • Once they will get the bids, they will be able to browse the different developers profiles and view their samples as well as get the idea of their experience with skills.
  • After choosing them, they can have the live chat with them and schedule the interviews on video conferencing.
  • They are enabled to track the progress as well as be updated with their project processings with different tracker tools.
  • On freelancer platforms, the team provides 24/7 support to their customers.
  • After the completion of the project, customers can pay with their proper review and feedback.

WordPress Jobs

It is an official WordPress job listing platform, from where it is easy to hire WordPress developers. On it job posting is free and even customers don’t have to create their own accounts. The posted jobs are also organised in the best way as well as the categories are defined in the better way. After the posting developers can contact the customers directly.



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