How to Hire the Best PHP Developers?

Do you need to hire PHP developers to work on your latest project? To find the best developers in the market, you need to look for all the right attributes in them such as expert knowledge of various PHP frameworks, experience in using third-party APIs, and strong familiarity with popular design tools and development platforms.

So how can you find the best PHP developers in the market? This article provides you with some useful tips that will help you hire the best PHP developers.

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language created for web development, but it’s also used as a general-purpose programming language. When it comes to building websites and apps, PHP can be easily integrated with HTML and CSS code. It offers an easy way to embed server-side logic into website pages and make them more dynamic than static HTML files.

Why should you hire PHP developers?

There are two main reasons for hiring dedicated developers for your project.

First, you can choose from a wide range of skills, which will allow you to implement any requirements that may arise.

Second, if you have a specific idea in mind and want it implemented by professionals with specific knowledge and experience then it is important that they are professionals who have already been successful in their field of expertise.

Since PHP has become one of today’s most popular server-side scripting languages, if you need high-quality output but low costs, then hiring dedicated PHP developers could be the best option.

From where do you find a good PHP developer?

There are several platforms to hire PHP developers. Some of them are indeed good platforms where you can find a good developer. Try out a popular platform such as Indeed, Career, Builder, and Glassdoor for your purpose.

If you are hiring a company that already has other employees, you can check their professional profile on LinkedIn. You can also hire PHP developers who are willing to freelance for you on websites like Hired, Stack Overflow, and GitHub Jobs.

But before hiring a PHP developer from any platform, make sure that he/she is expert enough in the PHP programming language to work with your project requirements.

Ask Technical questions

The best way to gauge a developer’s skill level is by asking him or her technical questions. Ask about things like:

  • Coding languages: What are your preferred coding languages and why?
  • Design patterns and frameworks: What design patterns do you use most often, and which frameworks do you rely on?
  • How many people have you worked with within team environments?
  • How would you collaborate with others over projects?
  • When do you usually prefer communicating in writing versus verbally?
  • When we are building a new product or feature, what processes/techniques do you use to ensure success (including timeframes)?

Once hired, convey your requirements and ensure that developers will be able to meet the expectations.

Consider Soft Skills

Soft skills are more important than hard skills. Look for someone who is able to present him/herself well, take initiative and solve problems in innovative ways, and show up on time as well as stay organized.

These things are usually developed through experience. You want someone who will act as an advocate for your project within your organization, which means they need to be open-minded, confident in their abilities and have strong communication that allows them to share the ideas and opinions with others.

Check References And Get Testimonials

When checking out a developer, be sure to speak with their current and former clients. Find out what they like and don’t like about working with them. Ask how much time it took for their project to be completed, if they were up-to-date on deadlines and if they charged less than expected (or more).

If a developer has worked with other companies similar to yours, then it might be worthwhile scheduling an hour of your time so you can speak directly with those businesses. Checking references and testimonials can help to get a better understanding of your developer’s work.


If you want to build your PHP application from scratch, hire web developers. But if you are building a website for e-commerce or multi-purpose, hiring freelancers can be more affordable and flexible. Every case is different, so always evaluate each option before making your decision. The best thing you can do is figure out what you need and then hire a freelance developer or team of developers who have experience in that area.




Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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Lena Charles

Lena Charles

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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