How to Build a Robust web application with PHP and CodeIgniter

Lena Charles
4 min readFeb 16, 2022

Businesses hope for an exclusive functionality from another new PHP structure as this assists businesses in developing and maintaining web applications and can also hearten corporations to produce satisfactory returns.

In the market, there are different PHP frameworks, but among all, few are adding the best level features. Time gets modified, and according to that, business requirements also change searching the same here. In the list of the best PHP frameworks that will assist you to build a top web application in 2022.

Top list of admired PHP Framework to look out for in 2022

The PHP frameworks offer the essential structure for fast custom application development services. Creating apps using frameworks assists developers to write less coding and decreases coding time.

The top PHP framework based on different limitations are:
● Improved Development Efficiency
● Framework’s Popularity
● Technical Features

Let’s view the record of the best PHP frameworks that will assist your business build effective web applications.


Works as a robust PHP framework, Laravel is used by core businesses for creating rich web apps. It is an open-source PHP framework that comprises restful routing and pioneering features. The framework possesses native PHP or lightweight templating. It allows a firm base and assistance for web application development.

Since it is being advanced and easy to understand; the demand for the Laravel framework is rising, and that’s why it has almost turned into a synonym for PHP. Therefore the necessity for hiring Custom PHP Development Services is constant.

The Problem

At first glance, the problem doesn’t expect to be hard. After all, it is important to check the security event log to recover the requested information. Unluckily, two difficulties in the way:

The security event log has so many events in it. At the same time, filtering the list down to login events is of no use since login events are produced for users, devices, and who knows something else. What can be bad, they have a similar event number and it is not easy to filter with the user name.

Moreover, the information in the security event log is not friendly to users. It is even something that you can ask a business to perform in a better way. Interpreting and working with event logs do take expertise at the technical level. Moreover, it is also considered that it is not a good choice for clients to move around in their services if they are not technically used. Meanwhile, who understands what they may accidentally break or touch? Every client with the information regularly, making use of the log didn’t seem to be the right term.

The Approach

Knowing the problem’s nature, the solution is expected to write something directly. It is wished that the client be able to access the records from any PC and for the user-friendly report. As per the required, a database with a Web app front end expected simply the ticket.

The Innovative Technology

The simplest tools combination would be a PHP-based Web application that reads statistics data from a MySQL database. Moreover, different reasons for the choice include working on MySQL as the back end for database relevance. Moreover, MySQL is an essential part of a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) load.

PHP holds a low overhead, according to MySQL. The small businesses who can’t afford to host their site on their server can find it better. The security code and hardware are beyond their methods.

Web App with PHP & Codeigniter implies that using them as the source for my Web programming does not edge my choices. It provides the aptitude to write robust Web apps without adding noteworthy costs for hardware, hosting operating systems, or even databases.

An Advent to Development

Including PHP, there are two methods to approach development with any kind of language. Any development project needs two kinds of code: the generic code that a user can use again the code that is unique to the specific application. Beginning developers often take the approach of trying to build all of them. In some cases, it is not the most proficient means to do it.

This is not to state that building a structure is forever a bad proposal. Flipside in Visual FoxPro encoding days through a framework is adored. It is ready to serve for years. However, creating a framework is an expensive and time taken exercise. If a user discovers the best one for the development setting, that is surely the top bet.

If you have any doubt related to robust Web Applications with PHP and CodeIgniter, it would be better to talk to an expert for more information and top benefits. The professionals are better aware of the top benefits for the users. It will surely bring benefits for you.



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