How Codeigniter Framework helps to develop responsive website

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Codeigniter PHP has gained immense attention from web developers. This framework is the foremost choice to develop highly functional and responsive websites. It helps to simplify the customized web development process and offers feature rich websites.

Developers have many reasons to opt for this framework as it offers additional features to enhance the functionalities of the websites. The major reason for the developers to opt for this framework is it is easy to use and lightweight. In order to leverage all the benefits of the Codeigniter framework, partner with the Codeigniter development company.

In this blog, let’s know why you should opt for the Codeigniter framework.

How Codeigniter Framework helps in website development?

Easy to use

The major benefit to opt for this framework is it is based on the simple interface, which turns that it into easy to use. This framework is considered an appropriate platform for the beginners to develop websites. CodeIgniter is based on an open source attribute, which allows programmers to edit, add, and delete the code as per their project requirements. It doesn’t require extra efforts to learn or use this framework.

Supports MVC Architecture

The next major feature that attracts web developers to it, is based on MVC structure. MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller. This model helps to separate the website procedure into three different parts -

  • Model — Represents data structure
  • View — Display user interface
  • Controller — Handles request and manage functionalities

MVC based architecture turns the process into an easier and effective way.
It separates the app into three parts, which allows web programmers to work on the individual part, without modifying the other functionalities of the website.

Faster Execution

Codeigniter allows faster execution of other files, and the speed which this
Framework offers for the execution process that not any other PHP platform delivers. It is also the major reason that the usage of this framework is increasing constantly in the website development process.

Easy File Management Process

Several files can be managed easier by the developers. After installing the framework, developers will be allowed to access the primary folder, which will contain several application files. These different application files will again be divided into sub folders such as config, model, controller, view, and many more. With these different folders, programmers can manage their files easily and in an organised hassle free manner.

Higher Security Features

In websites high security is the major concern for the owners and here also CodeIgniter framework meets this expectation. It has several inbuilt advanced security features, which helps to secure your website from several viruses and unwanted attacks. These features can be utilised for the output and input filtering. Apart from this, it offers an opportunity to encrypt your solution and also allows to secure the website with different moderns, latest, and highly authenticate techniques.

Simple Configuration

This framework configuration is based on your system process. However, when developers prefer to do programming, they can start by “config.php” In order to load several databases and library, they don’t have to opt for the lengthy process only have to save the details and information once Next time, when they have to use the platform, they only have to write the name of the particular database or library. Every time they are not bound to opt for the longer configuration processes of the third parties. It is easy to configure and leverage the benefits in the development environment.

Even for every new project developers don’t have to add a new or add a third party library into the framework as per the project. However, with the installation, it offers several libraries by default.

Less Coding Requirements

Coding is the major as well as daunting process for the developers. However, they always look for the platform, where they have to put less efforts in the coding process. However, with Codeigniter Framework, developers have to put less effort into coding and typing. It offers a hassle free coding process to the developers.

Huge Community Support

This framework offers huge community support by the developers. It is used by a wide number of developers across the globe. There are many experts, who like to share their knowledge in the form of blogs and a wide number of detailed documents are available online. Developers can resolve their issues instantly by contacting industry experts.

Error Handling

To detect errors has always been a challenge for the developers. But with this framework, this task has turned into easier and faster. Developers have to write the code in one line and after completing several tasks the errors will be displayed on the screen. This helps developers to understand the errors in the development process.

Codeigniter Framework is the rapidly growing framework, and it is based on open source attributes. The open source feature also helps it to be upgraded with modern technologies and trends.



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