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Technologies have redefined the entertainment industry. Now, the definition of presenting the content has been totally modified. Undoubtedly, with the advent of technologies now the entertainment sector is able to focus on different approaches and even able to meet with their users preferences.

Now, with the advent of innovative and advanced entertainment technology solutions, the industry is able to deliver high quality and next generation based content, through which users can easily connect with them and have real time experiences. They are able to understand consumer behaviour. Even from the last several decades, we have observed massive changes in this industry, one of the major changes is television has been replaced into video streaming apps like Netflix.

According to the reports, More than 1 million consumers cancelled their cable-TV or satellite subscriptions in the past quarter, one of the largest seasonal drops ever, stepping up pressure on pay-TV providers to generate revenue in other ways.

Entertainment industry is leveraging innovative solutions and rapidly growing towards digitalisation. It is continuously offering new user experiences to their customers as per their preferences.

In this blog, let’s know how the entertainment industry will reshape in future. Have a glance on future opportunities.

Future of Entertainment Industry

The Screenless Screen

In future, it might be possible users will experience the Screenless screen to watch the movies or series. It would be something really unique and even existing, as since hundreds of years, we haven’t observed any changes in the screen. We are having the same experience with it.

It would be known as an advanced display and will sort out many screen issues. Screenless screens will be designed in such a way that the images will be displayed directly on the open space, human retina and also to the human brain. With this users will be directly able to touch the icons, they don’t have to contact with the touch screen. This display will be totally different from the traditional computer screen, and it is considered as the greatest evolution in the industry. It is expected that soon this feature will be outdated.

Till now, users have experienced the screen on the rectangular or different sizes of rectangles but this will be the revolution for the entertainment sector and create buzz. Mixed reality will come into predominant existence.

Still it can’t be confirmed how users will experience this new feature. Will the new phones will be launched or a separate wearable device will come into existence. But surely, in initial launching, it is highly expected that we will experience it with a wearable device only, and initially for people it could be difficult to handle it but as per the reports by 2030, users will get used to it and 90% of the world, will be addicted to it and it will turn as a part of their lives. It would be based on light weight and high resolution attributes.

In future with Mixed reality technology, we can expect it will replace the dark theatre and other sensory distractions. Along with this environment and social experience could be highly missed by the people.

Neural interfaces

This is the next impressive trend which we will experience in the future in the entertainment industry. We all know the fact that till now human beings can interact with their eyes, nose, and hands but in future you can operate computers with your mind also.

In the coming years, users will experience the advanced and intuitive interfaces. The process to navigate and engagement will transform with Neural interfaces. It is an extreme version which is based on brain computer interfaces. As per the sources, this interface allow you to operate a computer with your mind. Users only have to think in a simple way and computers will respond to it.

However, the starting phase of this has been reflected in the health industry, where it is being used by the patients who are paralysied and not able to communicate but over there it has turned into a boon. The process of treatment has turned easier as ever before and in future it is expected that this technology will be introduced in the entertainment industry also.

Personalized Experiences

Now, it will improve the skills, however virtual characters will be able to have real time interaction with the users. They can seamlessly recognise the emotions and react with them in different ways. In this we will see the interference of Artificial and virtual reality. First time, users will be able to step inside the stories and add value to the stories.


In future, the entertainment industry is going to change its overview and users will experience some advanced and intuitive innovations. It would be really interesting to witness all these functionalities from deep. However, it would be far different from the traditional media.

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