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  • Bowen Sanders

    Bowen Sanders

    Electronic Music Producer and storyteller. Decentralization enthusiast. Part of the Giveth.io Galaxy.

  • Quazia


    Circle Lead @ social_coding

  • Alexandra Heller

    Alexandra Heller

    Founder https://cryptophilanthropy.club

  • Vojtěch Šimetka

    Vojtěch Šimetka

  • Jeff Emmett

    Jeff Emmett

    All Things Decent/ralised. Researching the biggest ideas that will move the needle on human progress. The @CommonsStack, UBI & mindfulness are some faves.

  • Kris Decoodt

    Kris Decoodt

    Strategy & Outreach for Blockchain Projects | Into #decentralization #disruptivetech #connection #altruism #freedom #growth #blockchain #singularity #hashtags

  • Jordi Baylina

    Jordi Baylina

  • Griff Green

    Griff Green

    Digital Currencies!

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