Everything you Need to Know About Magento 2

Introduction to Magento 2

Multi-vendor marketplace

Features of the Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Magento core product catalogue integration

  • Order management allows each vendor to keep track of their orders in one location, eliminating duplication and conflicts. Furthermore, an order placed by one seller has no bearing on an order placed by another vendor.
  • Vendor management gives one a snapshot of all of the active sellers and their activities in the marketplace.
  • Merchants may view detailed seller data to discover how many sales each seller has generated. This is particularly useful for directing traffic to high-performing marketplaces.
  • Adding, modifying, and deleting items and creating product categories are all part of product management.
  • Each merchant creates and manages discount codes to advertise their items or sales.
  • Configuration of taxes includes support for global, weight-based, per-vendor, and location-based taxes.
  • Individual vendors can control their inventory and see the real-time level of stock throughout all active merchants with inventory management.

Why should one use Magento 2 to build a marketplace?

ECommerce functionality that is robust

A large number of addons are available

Flexible design

Search Engine Optimized

How Do I Create A Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace App?



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