Digital Transformation in the healthcare industry due to Covid 19

In the Covid 19 pandemic, technologies have redefined the healthcare industry. Tech experts have introduced several major trends on the basis of emerging technologies.

During this tough time, huge transformations have been observed in the medical sector. Experts are putting their high efforts to turn the healthcare management system more advanced and modern. But patients and doctors were not able to adopt the latest trends and solutions.

This pandemic has forced them to opt for the next level of digital solutions and they are playing a vital role to face these crises. Innovative and advanced based solutions open several opportunities for patients and doctors. Although with the launch of telemedicine, patients don’t have to visit the hospitals and clinics.

With Telemedicine applications, clinics are able to provide the virtual treatments to their patients with the video conferencing feature and can also discuss the medications and other related things on live chat without any hassle. It helps to improve the communication and treatment procedure.

The high usage of online medical treatments has increased the demand for healthcare app development.

According to McKinsey, “ A recent report analyzing claims data identified virtual care use cases estimates that could comprise roughly 20% of all Medicare, Medicaid and commercial spend across the outpatient, office and home health.”

As per the healthcare IT News, “Before the pandemic, 60% ranked artificial intelligence (AI) as the top digital health technology that would most improve their work satisfaction, with 39% identifying telehealth as the top technology. Now following the pandemic, 61% rank telehealth as the digital health technology that would have most improved their experiences at this time, with AI falling to 53%.”

In this blog, let’s know how digitalization has transformed the healthcare sector in the Covid19 situation.

Digital Transformation in the healthcare industry due to Covid 19

1) Covid 19 Mobile Applications

Covid19 mobile applications have become a trend in the app development and healthcare industry. It supports multi-languages and helps patients to check, monitor, and report their health status with the essential symptoms. With the integration of a GPS tracker, users can know about the other patients and can make some distance with them. This is how we can take essential measures and prevent them from the deadly virus. It helps to enhance the communication and best platform to get the updates from worldwide.

2) Patient Online Consultation

Now, this is the next major advancement that can be leveraged with the help of technologies. Consultation with doctors has always been a challenge for the patients as this is the foremost and time-consuming process.

With traditional mediums, patients have to stand in long queues but now experts have launched several solutions including application and websites, which allows them to have online consultations. Patients can easily upload their previous medical reports on the portals and discuss the same with the doctors.

3) Healthcare Chatbots

Now, next, the combination of AI and ML are the trending technologies. Healthcare bots help patients hugely and help to sort queries instantly and also enhance communication as ever before. It ensures that bots act smartly and can connect with patients and doctors in a better way.

4) Telemedicine Applications

Telemedicine apps have turned as the next major trend and every user has that in their smartphones. It offers virtual medical treatment to users. This advanced solution has several modern features integrated into it such as video conferencing, live chat with the doctors, medical prescriptions, and even patients can order their medicines from their nearby store. Apart from this, it is known as a virtual clinic and hospital, where patients don’t have to visit, and in Covid 19 visiting the doctors is considered a major risk for the patients.

But it would be not wrong to say that telemedicine has turned out to be a boon for the patients and doctors as it offers a seamless experience.


In covid 19, there have been vital transformations and this pandemic has redefined the medical sector. Several innovative solutions have been introduced and offer streamlined treatments. Covid 19 app is the trending solution and telemedicine helping patients to fight with the deadly virus by excluding risks.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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