Best Ways Android Apps Are Transforming The Educational Sector

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Irony, as one will call it — teachers and parents struggled for years with students for excessive use of mobile devices and today they are the one encouraging children to use their smartphones. Not literally.

Smartphones have tons of positive uses if used effectively. And education sector is one such example where harnessing the power of smartphones to transform the industry has helped the educational sector evolve; breaking the cocoon of traditional methods.

This blog does not imply stern use of smartphones for educational purposes, nor does it propagate discarding the traditional methods entirely. The agenda here is to highlight the evolutionary phase of smartphones in the educational sector and e-learning software solutions.

Online Resources

The number one thing about Internet and the digital world is its astronomical amount of data pool and resources. Individuals who cannot afford to go the universities or schools, largely benefit from online courses. Schools and universities themselves have started providing massive online courses. The idea of homeschooling is more popular than before. Parents and teachers alike trust online courses today.

Web and mobile applications help aspiring students learn variety of courses at their own convenience. Unlike schools or colleges, students can choose from a myriad of subjects and courses available to them.

Today, an Android app development company receives more inquiries about application development for educational sector when compared to traditional apps.

Problem Solving Tools

Unambiguously, Internet is an unexplored ocean with plethora of tools waiting to be found. There are endless problem solving and logical reasoning tools for students of Mathematics and Physics.

There are tools for carrying out complex statistical formulas, for large-scale experimentations in Chemistry. There are robust tools for persons involved in scientific research.

There are even tools which aid in teaching History interactively. Be it any subject, any branch or any existing field of education, there are tools and applications available for it. Consider Wolfram Alpha as an example.

Industries revolving around e-learning software solutions are contributing heavily to their part of research and development.

Translation:- Students can instantly access the meaning and explanation of a foreign word while studying.

Images and Videos:- What better way to study and understand complex principles than by visual content.

Recorders:- Instead of writing down everything from the board, students can now easily capture the lectures on the mobile devices or record the orators voice for future references.

Study Vocabulary:- Students hailing from foreign countries often find it difficult to catch up when learning a new language. Instant access to local vocabulary helps them learn the language much faster.

Blogs:- Students can create and access internal blogs among their peers. Keep a track of traffic on the blogs, update and read the latest news and study materials, share information etc.

Attendance Tracking:- Teachers can keep a track of attendance through mobile phones.

Reporting:- School and University professors and teachers can send their entire lecture in audio, video or textual format directly to students after the day end. If anyone wants to go through the lecture again, they can do as at their own time, space, and convenience.

Education IT Solutions for Interactive Learning Experiences


In order to better understand the role of Android apps and smartphone devices, look at it as an evolution rather than as a revolution. Apps are not here to turn the industry upside down, rather they are pushing the education sector across new horizons inch by inch.

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