Best Time and Attendance System for your Business

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Enterprises have to face many difficulties to streamline their processes. To offer a seamless experience, they have to track several things, Among them tracking employee productivity and attendance is the next major challenge for the HR department.

In traditional times. Enterprises used to track the attendance with the paper sheet and as per the hours, the employees used to work. Their productivity used to also track with the targets provided to them but now with the advance of technologies, with different HR functionalities, tracking on employees has turned easier, accurate, and convenient. According to the digitization process, they can track and manage the processing with different automated log ways.

There are numerous time and attendance based software which helps to manage attendance and productivity of the employees on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. The advanced software not only helps in tracking but also allows employees to manage their work schedules efficiently and manage their work processes in a better way. It helps to boost the productivity of the employees. By opting for different software, doesn’t only helps enterprises but also helps employees to manage their work process and keep track of all their activities.

Now software is launched with different advanced technologies which include cloud integration, PTO management, and in and outboard. Many software is available in the market, but it is important to choose the right software, and some of them are freemium and to manage things on a large level, premium versions are also available.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best time and attendance tracking software, which every enterprise should know for their businesses.

Best Time and Attendance System for your Business

TimeCock Plus

TimeClock Plus is the most convenient and demanding software for large enterprises. According to Wikipedia, TimeClock Plus is a computerized time and attendance system developed and sold by Data Management Inc. Beginning as a DOS application in 1988. This software offers both hosting as well as service plans. It is developed in a web application and allows employees to in and out their attendance.

  • It is a web-based application
  • The administrator can manage them with the web platforms
  • It helps managers to create employees, enter leave, review hours, and send hours to the payroll system.
  • This software was developed in 1990.
  • Streamline the paper process
  • Helps to seamless the processing


TSheets is known as a free time tracking system, it is an ideal software for remote employees. This software offers an opportunity for the employees to track their time efficiently. It helps entities by tracking the working hours. Apart from this, it is the best alternative to a paper timesheet or punching system.

  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Its parent organization is Intuit
  • CEO — Matt Rissell
  • Easy time tracking from any device
  • Send accurate invoices
  • Easily track the timings
  • Supports Android and iOS platforms
  • Effective Team management
  • Real-time interactive reporting
  • Automatically sync

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a SaaS time tracking software that helps to increase productivity. It is based on SAAS and was launched by the owners of in 2012. This software supports different components such as desktop, mobile, and web. Apart from this, it is known as a multi functional time tracking system with CRM and white label capabilities.

  • Known as an advanced time tracking system
  • Supports operating systems — Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS.
  • Available in -: English Language, Russian Language, Spanish Language, Portuguese Language
  • It helps to boost productivity and helps to track every second of the employee working.
  • Increase profitability

Things to Consider to hire a Mobile App Developer

Mobile applications are playing a dominant role in our lives. To meet the market standards, the companies need to launch their enterprise based applications with advanced functionalities. By launching Android and iOS apps, entities can expand their business opportunities and help them to grow as well as increase revenue.

Furthermore, as competition has increased at a high level, it is essential to integrate the advanced features in the application, which can help to offer a unique experience as well as increase customer satisfaction. In order to launch the application in the market, it is important to hire a proficient app developer, who can help you to meet all the market as well as development requirements.

In this blog, let’s know the essential things that you should consider before hiring a developer for your project.

Things to consider before hiring a developer

1. App Type

The foremost step is to know the type of application which you want to launch in the market. Your application can be a start-up as well as a highly functional-based solution, which helps to attract a huge number of users towards it. However, start-up based applications are affordable and with essential functionalities integration such as design. By knowing the type of application, you can decide the budget of your application development service and hire a developer accordingly. According to the motive of your application development, things used to depend including budget and the integration of the right technologies as well as the experience that developers should have in them. Many things varied from one to another.

2. Category of app

Now, it is important to know the type of application, like your app, is based on which categories such as education, entertainment, and lifestyle. Every field is different and has a unique way to impress users. To deliver the next generation application in the market, it is important to know the niche and try to hire a developer who has experience in that field prior. Education, E-commerce, and video streaming every application has its requirements.

To launch a successful application, your developer should be proficient in app development and offer unique as well as able to meet the minor and major requirements of the digital users.

3. Experience and Skills

Now the next thing that is important in the development process is the skills and experience. It is an important point, your developer’s experience helps you to launch a successful application in the market as by having the experience, they can boost the development process and sort out the minor as well as major challenges of the development process. Their experience helps you to launch high end-user applications.

Furthermore, as per your project requirements, you should know the right technology stack, which you should choose for your project. There are several technologies available in the market, which help you to integrate the advanced functionalities as well as boost the development process as ever before. Make sure that your developer should be proficient in different programming languages as well as frameworks. Both skills and experience play a major role in the app development process. It helps you to hire the right developer with all the important skills and launch the app successfully in the market without any hassle.

4. Communication

Communication is always an essential skill for developers. In covid, it has turned out to be a must-have skill in the developer. It helps to complete the project smoothly and with a streamlined process. Communication skills help developers to connect with the team and also to make their ideas present in an effective way. In project development, app developers have to communicate with the team in many different ways such as on chat, mail, and phone calls. Even if they have to provide the updates virtually, to explain your schedule and success of the project, it is important to explain the project requirements effectively without any hassle.

So, before hiring a developer, if you are looking for an experienced developer, then it is important to check out his communication skills. It is a foremost step to hire a proficient developer for your project, who helps you meet all the requirements easily and efficiently.

5. Portfolio

Now, the next step is to check out the work of the developers. In the hiring process, always ask for a portfolio from the developer. It will help you to get the ideal style of how a programmer used to work


Hiring a developer is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort and time. To launch a successful application in the market, it is important to choose the right developer, Here to meet this motive we have compiled the important things that you need to consider before hiring them.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.