A Deep Dive Into The Most Prominent Features Of iOS 13

Apple had announced a good bunch of new wpdates to the iPhone operating system during the World Wide Developer Conference 2019. iOS 13 brings different features than before. Also, as a matter of fact, it will now technically refer to the software for the iPhone specifically. iPad software is now referred to by Apple as an operating system called iPadOS.

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However, you can expect the iPad to receive most of the major iOS 13 updates. Apple has just siloed iPadOS as the iPad will receive features not compatible on the iPhone’s version of iOS.

As well as the aforementioned iPadOS, the company also announced updates to the Apple Watch’s watchOS and Apple TV’s tvOS.


HomeKit in iOS 13 rolls out HomeKit Secure Video analyzes the video in your home instead of sending your footage up to the cloud. Storage for 10 days will be included in your existing iCloud subscription. Netatmo and Logitech will be among the first vendors to support this standard.

Apple is also bringing HomeKit to routers, so it will “firewall” off all of your connected devices. Linsksys and Eero will be bringing these routers to market, including ISPs like Spectrum.


In iOS 13, you can now quickly respond to incoming messages with your voice without lifting a finger. This is handy when you’re working out. You can also share music with other nearby AirPod wearers.

Silence Unknown Callers

If you hate being interrupted by your iPhone ringing when you don’t even know who the person (or robot) is, this is going to be a great feature. All you have to do is open the Settings app and scroll down to Phone and select that. Scroll down some more and select Silence Unknown Callers. The next time someone calls who is not in your contacts, they’ll be sent straight to voicemail.


Apple had a PR disaster when it launched its terrible v1 of Maps, so it’s good to see it seemingly get even better in iOS 13. Apple claimed its cars have driven four million miles to collect better road, terrain and building data.

You will also get things like favourites and collections to group routes and frequently used searches, while Lookaround is an Apple version of Google’s Street View.


Apple is making it easier to tweak lighting effects with the Photos app in iOS 13. You can now change the intensity and direction of portrait lighting. iOS 13 is also adding a ton of editing effects to both photos and videos. For example, you can rotate a video and apply all sorts of effects.


As well as getting a lick of dark paint with the rest of the Apple apps, Messages got an update to include something a bit more fun (or annoying, depending on your opinion) in Memoji and Animoji integration.


A small update to portrait lighting will give more granular control to existing presets, while adding a new one to let you get better results, we hope — portrait lighting has not been great since its introduction on the iPhone 7 Plus.


iOS apps have always provided a sense of security and trust to its users. iPhone application development services have skyrocketed with and seen a steady rise year-on-year with the launch of new devices.

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