5 Best Magento Extensions To Help You Increase Your Conversion Rates

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As an e-commerce merchant, making the most of your existing Magento features and store is the first step toward improving your sales conversion funnel rates. And we all know, there are tons and tons of features like persistent shopping cart, tier pricing etc that you can utilize.

However, not all of these can work for your website, hence you might first need to analyse the sales funnel in order to see what works best for you.

This is where Magento extensions come in. There are some marvelous Magento extensions one can use to enhance the store’s functionality and add rewarding features to pull the audience into their sales funnel.

Online retailers all over the world are using the power of Magento today. According to a research, Magento currently powers almost 4% of E-commerce websites across the internet, 7% on the top million websites, and 10% on the top of 100,000 websites.

Are you ready to skyrocket your store soaring great heights of customer acquisition and conversions that are always on top of your competitors?

Here are 5 best Magento extensions that will help you boost your conversion rates. Get, set, ready to hire web developer who will help you harness the full potential of the extensions on your website.

FAQ pages are important; not just in terms of answering customers’ questions, but in terms of SEO and page ranking as well. Having an FAQ page is a must for online retailers. It puts your customers one step closer to buying from your online store.

With these extensions, you will be able to create a dedicated FAQ page, where you will be able to delight your customers by answering their questions creatively.

If your website sells services, having a contact form is inevitable. Not everyone might want to integrate live chat on their website. That’s okay. A clean, crisp contact form can pull multiple inquiries for your business.

Give your customers a detailed contact form to help answer product questions or concerns.

Online websites are harnessing the power of mobile apps by bridging the gap between websites and mobile applications. PWAs utilize modern technologies that deliver app-like experiences to customers’ smartphones.

With ease-of-use, excellent speed, engaging experience, and offline availability, PWAs are a must have if you own a website today.

Having a shipping calculator on your website is immensely helpful since it performs several functions. It allows you to calculate on site, the shipping rates without reloading the page at all.

Moreover, configuring the extension on your store isn’t rocket science. It is as easy as it can get. You don’t want your customers to open the calculator on their screens. Give them spot on rates right on the checkout page with some precise shipping calculators.

One of the most dreaded things for an online retailer is cart abandonment. Calculating your abandoned cart rate, you can figure out if the percentage of people adding things to your store’s basket who are leaving without making a purchase is significant or not. If your cart abandonment ratio is high, it is probably because of the checkout process.

Progressive Web Application for Ecommerce

You can remove some unnecessary steps and simplify the checkout process for your customers. There are some great single page checkout extensions that allow you to have a single web-page for checkout, resulting in an increase in the sales funnel conversion rate. They also come packed with features like Google Suggest, Mobile Responsive layout, and Ajax.


Think of extensions as little rocket boosters that you attach to your online store and use them to gain momentum. Many of these extensions come full-packed without you needing to do anything extra. In other cases, since Magento is open-source, you may want to integrate some extensions that closely resemble and resonate with your business, in which case you may want to get in touch with a web development company to get complete control on a few extensions.

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